Seamless data integration with your systems

Loadscan’s advanced mining information systems provide a seamless data interface with most mine management software through standard SQL and API interfaces, providing you with the flexibility of importing all load volume measurements into your own system for analysis, action, and reporting.

Powerful 3D visualisation with MyScanner™

Every load record is stored in the system, which is connected by LAN, WiFi or Cellular network to our proprietary MyScanner™ software running on your desktop.

MyScanner™ enables the automatically generated 3D scan images of all loads to be reviewed in real-time. The scan images provide a powerful insight into loading practice and can be used to educate loader operators to consistently load trucks to capacity.

Real-time dashboard with MyScanner™

MyScanner™ is a secure web portal allowing remote access to your scanner, real-time presentation of scan data and access to support from anywhere in the world.

The centralised dashboard of MyScanner™ provides a summary view of each scanner’s activity and identifies errors and warnings. Empower the daily operation team with data insights in real time.


data sync


support via phone or email


online access to scanner & load data