3D Load Profiler Technical Requirements

For customers to use this functionality:

  • They need to have an operator console running Windows 10
  • They will need to update their LVS software to the latest version which is 0-599 – this is available on our website https://www.loadscan.com/download/lvs-3-0-5xx-auto-update/
  • Computers/operator consoles from 2017 and older (running Windows 7) will likely need replacement. Older Tally Clerk scanners will require a full scanner replacement so will not support this version. To determine what is required in terms of upgrades for a customer, log a job with support@loadscan.com with the scanner serial number and one of the support team will be able to remote in and determine what upgrades are required.
  • If a new operator console/computer is required, this will be charged at the standard price for an operator console and will have the latest software version pre-installed.