Following recent enhancements to its measurements and records editing functions, Loadscan has released even further updates to its cloud-based MyScanner data management system, with the addition of a recently developed 3D load profiler.

The highly advanced 3D modeler is an additional tool in the already extensive array of MyScanner options, and is designed to deliver real-time three-dimensional load profiles of vehicles entering or exiting work sites or mine portals. This will provide visual information for operators to highlight a range of loading parameters, such as underloading, carryback and uneven or off-centre loading, which can have a significant negative impact on profitability through inefficient payload volume, unnecessary fuel consumption and unnecessary wear on equipment components.

The 3D scanning option will deliver very clear details on load consistency with multiple viewing angles to allow operators to analyse load distribution and optimisation. The 3D load profiler offers the ability to compare scans, which can help determine load discrepancies between the load origin and destination, highlighting potential issues such as fraud or corruption. Scans can also be overlaid for load-on-load comparisons, with various colour palette options available to highlight the profile of each load.

“This accurate 3D load-profiler has been in development for some time by our team and is a tool that further reinforces the MyScanner reporting and data delivery options for operators,” says Loadscan Managing Director, Carey West.

“Loadscan’s MyScanner already provides a variety of real-time scan data through its secure, cloud-based platform. With the addition of 3D modelling, MyScanner offers greater functionality, which provides even more valuable information for operators to drive their business by optimising efficiency and maximising profitability.”

On the back of these recent enhancements, Loadscan is further reinforcing MyScanner as its sole data management system, superseding the original OverView system.

Previously, these two systems had been operating in parallel, but the cloud-based platform used by MyScanner makes it considerably more effective, accessible, secure and easier to provide system support.

Customers currently using OverView will require a software upgrade for their Volume Scanning System (LVS/MPS) and may require hardware upgrades to be able to access some of the new MyScanner features, such as the 3D scan profiles. Support and training will be available as the new MyScanner attributes are rolled out while Loadscan support for Overview will be phased out from early 2024.

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